With Labour Day Weekend and the beginning of school in the Northern part of the world our focus slides out of ‘vacation and fun in the sun’ time to get back into a mode of work.  Although for many, there is little time for vacation because of work or tragedy.  In war torn countries or regions of devastating floods or fires or extreme temperature people expend their energy on living one more day, feeding their children, finding clean safe water, etc.  In those regions they’re not worried about the delay at an airport or lost luggage or higher gas prices—they just want to ensure their children are safe.  And that is why International Day of Peace came to be: as a day for the world to take a collective breath and a day off from warring: to imagine and feel what it would be like to live in a world where there was no violence, no war, no occupation—just PEACEFUL LIVING!  And that is what the Boundary Peace Initiative works towards, not only days and months but years and years and years of living in peace and harmony connected to our global family. 

Take a moment of your time to read the September Newsletter that focuses on the need for peaceful living on the Boundary Peace Initiative website at www.boundarypeaceinitiative.org and then share it with your contact list or print out a copy or two to share.  We are working on getting hardcopy out once again and hopefully that will happen in October.  We need help to get the copies out though—we need a few volunteers to distribute it throughout the region.  If you are able to help us out for an hour or so a month, please contact Laura at 250-444-0524 or at L4peace@telus.net.