Donations are very much appreciated and can be sent to the following address:

Boundary Peace Initiative,
4 7580, 21st Street,
Grand Forks, B.C.,
V0H 1H2

We rely on donations to continue our work.  Every donation is valuable to us and all donors are on an equal status.  We do not have membership dues but all who attend our events are considered supporters of the Boundary Peace Initiative, unless you state that you do not wish to be a member or supporter or receive information or to participate.   But, we do encourage people to take part in our local and global work for a peaceful world in harmony with itself.   

We cannot offer a tax-deductible receipt because we are not a registered society nor do we have charitable status. This was a conscience decision reached by a unanimous vote of the membership at the very beginning.  To date there has been no change to our stance  so that we can retain our ability to work on the issues we decide upon without restraint from Government policy ruling societies and charities.  

We do not accept corporate sponsorship.  If a business or corporation wishes to  donate either funds or items to our work, we are grateful but that donation will not determine what we support or don’t support, what we speak to or  do not speak to.  Our work is determined by the membership.     


Our financial statements are available by emailing the Coordinator and simply asking.  

Thank you to those who continue to support us.  We sincerely welcome new members and supporters.