Our Mission

The Boundary Peace Initiative represents people of diverse backgrounds officially brought together in 2002 because of mutual concern for the rise in world conflict.

Our mandate is to participate in multilateral non-violent conflict resolution in support of global human rights, ecological and environmental sustainability and international law through education, sharing of information, dialogue and non-violent activism locally and globally.

We encourage and seek your participation in our mutual work for true peace based on social justice, equality, equity, accountability, integrity, honour, respect and all the positive aspects of humanity, in order to build a better world today and for future generations.

The BPI is a member of or is affiliated with:

  • Fellowship of Reconciliation
  • Abolition 2000
  • Voice of Women for Peace
  • Stop Ecocide–Canada
  • a wide variety of local and global peace, social justice and environmental groups

You do not have to live in the Boundary Region of British Columbia, Canada to be a member or to support or donate to our work.   If you wish to be listed as a member please let us know at the above land mail address or through email at L4peace@telus.net.  

Regular meetings, whether monthly or bi-weekly, will resume when we have at least 3 members plus the Coordinator committed to meeting.

Voting Policy:

All members and supporters have equal status. Our activities are directed by building consensus among our core membership.  Blocking consensus must be based on valid and informed reasoning according to the members present at a meeting and not intransigent opinion.  All opinions will be heard and considered at an in-person meeting and a group decision will be reached after full and in depth discussion. If it is not possible to meet in person a poll through email will be taken and because full and in depth discussion is not possible we must gauge decisions on a majority vote, therefore if a member disagrees, their opinion is considered and validated but we will have to go with the majority.