December Issue Ready

December 2022 are arrived with the glittering lights and decorations to mark the holidays ahead.  As we gather to celebrate remember to honour those around you and those who went before you but most of all honour our future generations.  How?  Well, find ways to work for a world of peace and socio-economic justice and environmental sustainability.  The BPI strives to learn from and cooperate with all the groups we work with as well as all our supporters to move forward into 2023.  We do depend on you to help offset our operating costs, which truly are minimal, but there are expenses so we gratefully accept donations; contact Laura to make arrangements.  We thank you in advance for your help.

The last issue of 2022 is now up on our website and ready for you to read and share with friends, family and neighbours.  In the Boundary we distribute hard copy in Grand Forks, Greenwood, Rock Creek, Midway and Christina Lake.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our work.  Together we will enter 2023 full of hope for a better, more peaceful, loving world

Finally at the end of October and in time for our November issue, in our area, the leaves have burst forth in their fall colours and the thirsty ground is getting something to drink and soak up.  And with this issue we begin to distribute hard copy in the Boundary area of B.C. The Newsletter is free but we certainly will welcome donations to help cover the cost of printing and other BPI expenses (which aren’t many but as we gear up for more events the cost also gears up).  If you wish to donate contact Laura at or call Laura at 250-444-0524 or 250-442-0434 on how to do that or go to our website and the mailing address is under the Donations heading.

This issue focuses on the White Poppy campaign in which we have participated for over 20 years and encourage you to go to the outlets in Grand Forks (New West Trading and Jogga’s) to pick one or two or three up to share with family and friends.  And in this issue we also begin the report on the conference we hosted for International Day of Peace with the theme End Racism! Build Peace! 

So to access the Boundary Peace Initiative Newsletter just go to our website at:

With Labour Day Weekend and the beginning of school in the Northern part of the world our focus slides out of ‘vacation and fun in the sun’ time to get back into a mode of work.  Although for many, there is little time for vacation because of work or tragedy.  In war torn countries or regions of devastating floods or fires or extreme temperature people expend their energy on living one more day, feeding their children, finding clean safe water, etc.  In those regions they’re not worried about the delay at an airport or lost luggage or higher gas prices—they just want to ensure their children are safe.  And that is why International Day of Peace came to be: as a day for the world to take a collective breath and a day off from warring: to imagine and feel what it would be like to live in a world where there was no violence, no war, no occupation—just PEACEFUL LIVING!  And that is what the Boundary Peace Initiative works towards, not only days and months but years and years and years of living in peace and harmony connected to our global family. 

Take a moment of your time to read the September Newsletter that focuses on the need for peaceful living on the Boundary Peace Initiative website at and then share it with your contact list or print out a copy or two to share.  We are working on getting hardcopy out once again and hopefully that will happen in October.  We need help to get the copies out though—we need a few volunteers to distribute it throughout the region.  If you are able to help us out for an hour or so a month, please contact Laura at 250-444-0524 or at