World Peace Council Statement on Syria Attacks


Saturday, April 14, 2018

The World Peace Council (WPC) denounces vehemently today’s morning criminal raid by the imperialists of the USA, Great Britain and France against Syria. The bombing of Syrian targets on the pretext of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Army in the east of the capital, which was once more never confirmed, took place only a few days after Syria prevailed over armed mercenaries in East Ghouta and the evacuation of the area which began to return to relative normality.

The hasty imperialist attack with more than 100 missiles, and with the USA-Britain-France, claiming themselves role of “prosecutors, judges and punishers”, is provoking the peace-loving feelings of the overwhelming majority of the peoples of the world, and underlines the real goal of the imperialists which is the realization of their plan for a “New Middle East”, to control the sources and roads of energy, spheres of influence and markets, with the violent change of governments and the establishment of friendly regimes.
The WPC did never have the slightest doubt about the goals of the imperialists in the Middle East. We note in particular that the current missile attack against Syria has been tolerated and supported by NATO and the EU, organisms that before the attack and after it in their first statements agree with the context, spirit and substance of the barbaric imperialist assault.
The WPC expresses its firm solidarity and support with the Syrian people, who have been confronted with the imperialist plans for seven years, and calls on the members and friends of the WPC to mobilize and condemn the aggression against Syria and to be vigilant for possible future attacks.

No in the imperialist aggression in Syria
No in the imperialist wars

Long live the internationalist solidarity of the peoples!

World Peace Council

Athens 14th April 2018

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