Regina Peace Council Agrees #Hands Off Venezuela

Dear Friends,

We are deeply concerned about the Canadian government’s recognition of Juan Guaido as President of Venezuela and its endorsement of the US call for the Venezuelan military to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela. These actions by Canada contradict Canada’s commitment to international law, sovereignty to countries, and the United Nations Charter.

Neither the US or any other country get to pick who should lead countries around the globe; that right is held by the people of each country. Since 1954 the US has invaded 56 countries in South America. If Venezuela becomes number 57 the question then becomes who will be number 58?

All invasions by the US in South America have been bad news for the average person of those countries. Canada should stop taking its marching orders on Venezuela from our southern neighbour and stop its undermining of the Venezuelan government.

Canada has supported overthrowing legitimate elected governments in Haiti and Honduras and they remain among the poorest countries with the most human rights abuses in the Americas. Canada has no right, moral or other, to interfere in the internal affairs of another country. #Hands Off Venezuela.

Ed Lehman,

President Regina Peace Council


One thought on “Regina Peace Council Agrees #Hands Off Venezuela

  1. Pete Snidal says:

    Nicely done, Ed! I share your shame at our tap-dancing child-cross-dressing Prime Mini and his government at kowtoeing to the US and their globalist masters in this yet-another issue!


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