And now here is the list in order of appearance for the Opening Ceremonies.

We will open with a blessing offered by a Sinixt Elder from Colville, Wahington, Billy Jo Bray and with her will be a local Metis Elder, Joyce Remple followed by one drum song by the local Metis Association.

Then Laura will do a short welcome and introduce Mayor of Grand Forks Brian Taylor. And right after him will speak our past MP Richard Cannings that only a week ago was our Member of Parliament. Then Laura will read some Letter of Support.

She will then introduce JJ Verigin, the Executive Director of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (Doukhobors in who’s hall we are having this great event) and standing behind him will be the Grand Forks Doukhobor Psalmists who will sing the Lord’s Prayer in Russian as a blessing for a successful and peaceful event. This will end the Opening Ceremonies.

And now Laura will have the honor of introducing the first performers for this 24 hour show that we hope will just blow your socks off with great entertainers. A Quartet of Doukhobor Ladies from the Kootenays will share a brand new song with us that will set the stage for the acts to follow.

Don’t forget we have a Silent Auction with items that have literally totally filled four long, long tables and a Bistro where you can fill up on coffee, tea, hot chocolate and goodies although that you will have do on the outside stage. And bring some Loonies or Toonies to drop in the jar of the best hugger in the land.  You can vote with your change more than once and for more than one.  We also have White Poppies for sale at $2.00 each and PEACE IN, PEACE OUT! buttons at $1.00 each.

And yes, we will await the arrival of Herb the Harmonica guy who is walking from Greenwood and gathering donations so that our thermator flies over the top.

So come join us tomorrow, Friday Sept. 20th at 4 pm when we begin the show and the livestream. The link to the livestream will be posted here and on the BPI website at

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