Well, here we are in the 4th month of the year.  April springs us into green grass, trees ready to burst into leaves and flowers getting ready to scent the air.   And Earth Day on the 22nd reminds us that we must take care of our planet in order for all life to blossom.  Sadly, this year Earth Day is being overshadowed by war, the destruction of people’s lives and of our planet.  This Newsletter focuses on what we can do to put the brakes on climate change and bring attention to the needs of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.  Although the Boundary Peace Initiative has not planned any events this month, we are evaluating when we can organize events in the near future.  So, watch for the call out.  You will notice that we have White Poppies if you wish to wear one now, just call or email Laura (contact info in the Newsletter).  Check out the April issue of the Newsletter on line at www.boundarypeaceinitiative.org. 

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