The last month of summer has arrived.  August brings with it the heat and the rush to fit into our lives the activities of summer.  The Newsletter is ready for you to read and share with family and friends.  We are working on getting hard copy out in the Boundary region of B.C. but we will continue to post it on our website with connections in Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn for those out of our area that follow our work and lend your support.  Remember, we encourage you to print out a few copies to share with those who do have access to the Internet. 

The Boundary Peace Initiative hopes that part of your summer activities involves coming out to Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day commemorations in your communities as we remember and honour the victims of the Nuclear Industry.  In Castlegar meet at the Doukhobor Discovery Center at 6 pm for Hiroshima Day on August 6th and then in Grand Forks at 6 pm for Nagasaki Day on August 9th in Gyro Park to stand up for the abolition of nuclear weapons and stop the whole chain of the nuclear industry.  In other areas find out if there is an event and if not see if you can organize one, even a simple one to say NO MORE to the DESTRUCTION from the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY. 

To read the August Newsletter go to:

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