January 2023: Issue # 230 Boundary Peace Initiative Newsletter.

2023 has arrived and so has the Boundary Peace Initiative Newsletter.  Wow issue 230!  This time travel with us to COP27 in Egypt and the Say No to the F-35s Fighter Jets for Canada and finish reading about the International Day of Peace in Grand Forks.  There is so much more that we’d like to share with you but then the number of pages would have to grow. 

Remember, we offer this information for free but we do pay for printing and we do need to pay for the Website in order to spread the word further afield.  We know it is kind of tight these days and after the flurry of requests in December you may be tapped out.  We are just reminding you that we gratefully accept donations at any time, in any amount. 

We will begin planning for events in the coming months and will let you know the details as they emerge, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for announcements. 

Thank you for your ongoing support as we step into another year riddled with anguish and pain, abuse and violence but not lacking in hope and promise for a better world if we walk together in love and compassion and kindness. 

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