The month we start looking to spring is here.  February has come with rain and snow and sun all mixed up.  It seems that winter has been so long and yet, it started so late.  Or is it just wishful thinking.

Anyway, to ease the winter blues, the Boundary Peace Initiative Newsletter is out and ready for you to read and share.  Those of you in the Boundary can pick a copy at various outlets in Grand Forks, Christina Lake, Greenwood and Midway.

And those outside the Boundary can access it on our website at:  We encourage you to share it with family and friends either through your through on line contacts or print it off and share the hardcopy. 

Remember we do take donations and welcome input.  As the year marches on watch for various upcoming events that are either organized by the BPI or endorsed by us. 

Thank to you all our supporters and we do look forward to seeing you in person in the near future. 

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