Finally at the end of October and in time for our November issue, in our area, the leaves have burst forth in their fall colours and the thirsty ground is getting something to drink and soak up.  And with this issue we begin to distribute hard copy in the Boundary area of B.C. The Newsletter is free but we certainly will welcome donations to help cover the cost of printing and other BPI expenses (which aren’t many but as we gear up for more events the cost also gears up).  If you wish to donate contact Laura at or call Laura at 250-444-0524 or 250-442-0434 on how to do that or go to our website and the mailing address is under the Donations heading.

This issue focuses on the White Poppy campaign in which we have participated for over 20 years and encourage you to go to the outlets in Grand Forks (New West Trading and Jogga’s) to pick one or two or three up to share with family and friends.  And in this issue we also begin the report on the conference we hosted for International Day of Peace with the theme End Racism! Build Peace! 

So to access the Boundary Peace Initiative Newsletter just go to our website at:

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